Episode 48: AWA SuperClash III

July 30, 2016

We stray from the timeline as we have reached the end of 1991 and head back 3 years for one of our bonus shows as we look at the other wrestling company that attempted a PPV...the AWA.

We chat about the Rev Pro Summer Sizzler show we attended, as well as the insane burger we tackled!

Thom talks about the history of the AWA, both pre and post the show we are talking about, SuperClash III.

The AWA brings us the first ever 9 woman Lingerie Street Fight Womens Battle Royale and it's even worse than you imagine it to be!

We see some familiar old faces much to the joy of Chris...Boogie Woogie, Ron Garvin and Wahoo all put in an appearance.

Kerry Von Erich and Jerry Lawler battle in the main event in a title unification match known for it's blood loss...but is it any good?

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