Episode 50: Clash of the Champions XVIII

September 10, 2016

We celebrate our 50th episode and our 2nd year by discussing the first Clash show of 1992!

There's all sorts been going on...new management, new champions and a new gimmick for Kevin Nash!

We witness what could be the greatest match in the career of Mr. Hughes. Disagree? Let us know!

Johnny B. Badd and Brian Pillman take part in a very strange interview segment.

We see a early hardcore war as Cactus Jack and Van Hammer go Falls Count Anywhere!

Vinnie Vegas debuts!

The Freebirds premiere a brand new look...and it's bloody awful!

And there's 2 big tag matches as The Dangerous Alliance face WCW's heroes!

Elsewhere, Thom talks about Vader weekend at Rev Pro Uprising and XWA's Summer Supershow and Chris talks about his weekend at Bloodstock!

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