Episode 58: Clash of the Champions XXI

February 12, 2017

It's another wonderful and eclectic Clash of the Champions show, with everything from a battle of the sexes to a boxing match...but is it any good?

We witness the first big match for Erik Watts, son of the boss. Chris is livid, and for good reason. You won't believe how bad he is!

Madusa and Paul E.'s rivalry culminates in a wrestling match...but will it be as good as the angles have been leading up to it?

Johnny B. Badd and Scotty Flamingo clash in 3 rounds of boxing action...think we can all imagine how that goes.

Sting and Rick Rude renew their rivalry in the semifinals of another overbooked tournement and a big heel turn occurs!

Elsewhere, Thom plugs some great wrestling shows coming up in March and April, and Chris waxes lyrical about his new podcast and seeing Black Sabbath on their farewell tour.


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