Episode 59: Starrcade 1992

February 26, 2017

It's time for the 10th annual Starrcade 1992...whaaaa?


The Lethal Lottery/Battle Bowl format returns for it's second year in a reduced capacity but now with added rings. Will Sting make it 2 years in a row?


Sting also has to face his greatest adversary, Big Van Vader in the finals of the King of Cable tournament...WCW love their tournaments.


Elsewhere, WCW pull the old bait and switch with their world title match, Chono and Muta clash for the NWA title and Erik Watts continues to exist.


There's also a live commentary from us on the Battle Bowl Battle Royale! Watch along with us!


As it's the end of 1992 we run through the best and worst of the year. Our picks may surprise you (in some cases!)


And in non WCW stuff, Chris talks his Anthrax gig and Thom is shocked and appalled at WWE circa 2005!



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