Episode 62: Clash of the Champions XXII

April 9, 2017

It's the first Clash of the Champions of 1993 and there will be (a bit of a) Rage in the Thundercage!

We look at the 22nd instalment of the Clash, and all the story points that have been going on - Vader winning the title...and Cactus Jack turning face?

We have debuts, arm wrestling and possibly the most redundant and confusing cage match we have covered so far, as well as a few farewells...

One of which is Bill Watts, we talk about the reasons he went (depends who you ask) and his controversial Pro Wrestling Torch interview from 1991, and the knock on effect of us losing the voice of WCW!

We also have a chat about WrestleMania weekend (for more thoughts from Thom on that check out Episode 170 of the Asiamania podcast) and Chris has a jolly nice time at Hammerfest.


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