Episode 64: Slamboree 1993

June 11, 2017

Well. That took a while. But we are finally back with a new episode and what better way to return than to take a look back at our favourite old boys who return for Slamboree 1993...The Legends Reunion!


Yes, Chris is finally reunited with his bae Wahoo McDaniel, and we see the likes of Nick Bockwinkel, Dory Funk Jr., Thunderbolt Patterson, Don Muraco and Dick Murdoch actually wrestle. It's every but as rancid as it sounds.


Elsewhere on the show, Davey Boy Smith locates Big Van Vader behind some pigeons and challenges for the WCW title, Arn and Barry collide for the NWA title, a big name returns to annihilate Van Hammer and a new member of the Four Horsemen debuts. Yeah it's THAT one. Urgh.


We also talk about what we've been up to! WWE in Norwich, Pro Wrestling Eve in London, CKY in Colchester, the Slam Dunk Festival and more!



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